It’s sad that I have to do this, but lately there have been a handful of people spending their time spreading completely false rumors about myself and my businesses in an effort to damage my name. Although I’m amused by the fact that my life makes them that uncomfortable that they feel the need to create specific websites about me, I also want to set the record straight once and for all. Do not mistake the following as an explanation that I “owe”, but instead consider it the facts I want to make publicly known to put everyone’s mind at ease. To keep it to the point I’ll address each issue in quote form…

He doesn’t own his cars his parents do. He’s fake. etc

The easiest way to solve this is with titles of my cars. As I’m traveling, I don’t have access to them all, but do have the title for my TTG saved on my laptop (see below). I have paid for all my cars in cash, with no help from my parents. My father owns a car dealership which means I get benefits such as connections in the car industry and information on the best deals around, it does not mean I get free cars. I understand why this upsets some people- it’s a pretty sweet situation for anyone with an interest in exotics! People think they’ve “found me out” when they find out my parents own a dealership- you’ve found out nothing other than the fact that I am lucky to have such an ideal set up, and that you have another reason to “hate” me.

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Note: Title registered in June as this is when I transferred it to Florida.

He is a trust fund baby funded by his parents

Because of my parents’ hard work, dedication, and commitment they do live a comfortable lifestyle. Does that fact automatically mean that I have no money of my own and I live off them? No. It’s sad that people jump to any excuse to discredit those who have done well for themselves. Of course when people see that my parents do well they will assume I live off their money, but those that have read my book Far From It, will know that I have been making money of my own since I was 9 years old, and continue to find more ways to do so every day. The only thing I got from my parents was a business mindset that has allowed me to be in the position I am now.

He bought Razzi, his websites are worth next to nothing.

I bought Razzi, you’re kidding me right? It took myself and my friend / business partner over a year to build. Thanks to tools like GitHub, we’ve logged every line of code and when it was written. Screenshots below. One of our very own Far From It Forum members even emailed SlickPic (the company I supposedly bought Razzi from, but that I’d never even heard of until this ridiculous claim) for some clarification on the issue. Their conversation is listed below. Anyone looking up my website’s worth or traffic on sites such as Worth of Web, Alexa, Compete, etc, any webmaster will tell you those stats are way off. My websites equate to hundreds of millions of pageviews per year.

Now I figured I’d include some facts from GitHub because regardless of this whole deal they’re pretty interesting! Together we have written 97,428 lines of code total on the project (through 3,314 commits), but today it remains at 25,438 lines of code. It is made up of 66.2% Ruby and 33.8% JavaScript. Below is a “punchcard” showing when we were actively writing code… Lots of sleepless nights!

Oh and have a look at what I just found! A video of us via Gource writing every single file completely from scratch…

Ok, enough with that.

He couldn’t afford Lambos on his websites’ income.

I bought Ford stock back in 2008 when I was younger and rode it out to a 421% gain, run multiple offline companies, actively trade, and do a whole number of other things that the haters wouldn’t know about from a simple Google search. But I guess they’re going to hate me more now knowing that ;) I like to keep a lot of my business private, but obviously I use my online following to promote my web projects, just like anyone would.

He’s a scammer, he’s a fake using us all for money and to sell his book

I am going to take this one from Amy’s website as I think she summed it up best.

“We wrote a motivational book that many people were asking for, detailing our stories and included advice for others wanting a similar lifestyle. We also created a forum for our members, where we connect with everyone and help them out where needed. Let’s get this straight. We are not obligated to help other people. We didn’t have to spend months writing a book that was for the benefit of others. We wanted to. We charge a price, because our time is valuable, just like everyone else’s. It is not a get rich quick book. We never claim that if you do A,B and C you will be rich. We claim the opposite, that everyone needs to take their own path. People wanting to have success handed to them in a simple formula would be disappointed, of course. The formula is different for everyone, which we state in the book. We simply compiled information on our mindset and abilities which allowed us to get to the point we’re both at today and presented it in advice form for others. Oh and it has a 60 day money back guarantee- you mean if I have an issue I can get my money back?! Yep, what a scam. Bottom line: Anything self help related will be called a scam by those who are closed minded, or simply want a get rich quick strategy.”

Oh but I read he was a scammer on from a private investigator

Article can be found here (give it a thumbs down while you’re there).

How gullible are the people that believe this really? A “private investigator” who spends their time on Ripoff Report bashing others- I must believe him! The “investigative work” he did is all public record, good job though! He claims I am a scammer because of a number of issues I have already addressed, but mainly because he found records that my parents own the house I grew up in. No shit my parents own it! I bet his parents own the house he grew up in too! Not once have I ever claimed to own “millionaire mansions” or anything of the sort. In fact, I have never mentioned anything about my house(s), but again nice try “Charles Weston”. EDIT: Now Amy and I do have our own house! :)

In regards to the claims about the book- please tell me “Charles” how I ripped you off with ClickBank’s 60 day money back guarantee? It’s funny we have no records of you in our system, so why don’t you man up and use your real name? Maybe because you haven’t even purchased the book, you just wanted to bring others down? Hmmm. Oh, we also offer a 20 page free sample, so tell me again how you had no idea about the spacing and style it was written in. The quotes on the sales page are changed intermittently, so obviously we’re going to change them when we receive better, more relevant feedback.

It also appears someone else took insult to your foolish claims (I have no idea who this person is, but they left this in the comments):

Dear Reviewer Charles,

I take insult to your rant. Not because I am in any way affiliated with the folks at FarFrom.It, because I have no affiliation with them. I have, however, upon reading your review, downloaded their ebook. Here is why I take offense to your comments:

I got started early in life (teenager) building my businesses, and I was a self-made man before my 20th birthday. I always faced haters who couldn’t believe that I made it on my own. People made judgements the moment they saw me. I must be a drug dealer. I must have rich parents. NEVER did it cross their minds that I could have made it on my own. Why? Because these people worked hard for other people. They didn’t have the courage or the belief within themselves to do it on their own. Simply put: they didn’t know better.

If you really are a private investigator you would certainly see situations like this often if you had any decent cases. Wealth always breeds a need to protect it. America is a highly litigious society. I mean, a lady got $1M US from McDonalds because her coffee was too hot. If I bump into someone’s car with my Veyron and I’m only going 5mph can you imagine how quickly the majority of people’s necks will start hurting the moment they see my car. Now with all my assets spread around and protected I limit my losses to frivolous legal actions.

Furthermore, if you actually read FarFromIt and paid attention to it you would realize that a) there is a lot more content than starting your own youtube channel; b) the book is more about a mindset and how to approach situations than about a specific path to riches; c) they affirm section “b” multiple times throughout the book; d) it’s sold by ClickBank which gives a 60-day money back guarantee, twice that required by law.

Your review is heavy one-sided and conveniently only points out “facts” to support your hater-based claims. I take offense to your “review” because I was the victim of many similar attacks my whole adult life (late teens into mid 20′s) because people like you could not generate the same results, and simply missed the whole point of how I got there. So the only explanation is that I scammed in one way or another.

A proper mindset is worth more than every wealth generating technique in the world. This book delivers (at least somewhat) on helping people generate the right mindset. Becoming wealthy is like being in great shape! It has nothing to do with the gym or the diet food. If it did everyone would be in great shape! It has to do with the mindset that gets you eating the healthy diet and working out in the gym. Well, in business it takes a similar mindset to succeed. FarFromIt actually does a good job of addressing specific mindsets needed to be successful. I would say the book delivers what it advertizes. You can all tell me I’m nuts if you want to. Quite frankly I don’t care. You know why? Because the ones calling me nuts likely have not achieved the success they desire. I have surpassed all my goals and I am still in my 20′s. Who has it right? The guy who thinks he knows how to get “there?” Or the guy who already is “there?”

PS If all of us college educated people know that 23,009 words is actually only 23 pages spaced correctly then why the outrage? Have you read a book lately? Many of them use similar spacing techniques. Guess you better go after the whole industry… Start here: Amazon dot com. I’m sure they’ll get right on it.

***So in conclusion we have a guy, Charles from Louisville, professing to be private investigator, by merely claiming to be. He claims this guy Himler is making videos of him driving expensive cars that HE DOES NOT OWN, but provided NO PROOF because he is a private investigator and as such we should just believe him. All Charles did was outline a theory and try to sell it to us as fact; and wants us all to miss that he did that.

Hey Charles, I own several websites that I checked on The traffic rankings compete shows for my sites are tragically off compared to my Google Analytics data. By the way, even with as little as 20 people viewing and one of my sites I would make more than a dime.

However, I have seen your attack directed towards me by many people and your attack is full of holes and your approach is simply dirty. I’m living the life you hoped reading his book would help you achieve. I can attest that there is great value in his book for shaping the outlooks needed to become wealthy. Take it with a grain of salt) who tries to steal your money with a fake (by whose standards? yours?) ebook that sells false information based on false advertising. Someone please bring this liar to our USA court system and make him pay back all the money he has stolen!

Himler, I don’t if what he says is true or not about you. But if I had written this book and he came at me with all this BS that I can prove is wrong at every turn, I would grant his wish for Court action and sue him for liable, and damages. 333 people so far have found his review helpful. If it’s not true, that is 333 potential sales he drove away based on unsubstantiated garbage. I would sue him just for the grins of it. After all, he believe in punishing people in the courts that are putting out false information and who are liars.

Let us be honest here. The people who want to believe this is a scam will believe Charle’s rant. The people who believe in the power of the possibility to change their lives, and will develop the right mindset will take a chance on a book like Far From It, or 4-Hour Work Week, or Rich Dad Poor Dad… And if it turns out to not be worth it, then guess what! They hall have money back guarantees! Wow! What a concept. If you don’t like it you get your money back. For Far From It you buy from ClickBank, a massive company which Himler has no power over. Ask for a refund and you’ll get it. Buy one of the other books I mention from Amazon, and that’s even easier to return! Gosh darn it… All the wind is out of your hateful sails.

Apology: I apologize for the length of my post, and to anyone who I may offend (Charles included). I dealt with a lot of BS from people like Charles over the years. I believe this book has a good message about the mindset I have personally used for over 15 years to generate wealth. Don’t let someone who is clearly bittered like Charles to rob you of the opportunity. If you don’t like it, return it. All you’re out is several hours or so of your time. Beyond Himler’s book, check out some of the classics like: Rich Dad Poor Dad; Think and Grow Rich; 4-Hour Work Week; Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t be Easier; and tons more. I buy all my books on Amazon. Look! No affiliate link. I share from the heart and wish everyone the success they desire.

Now the best part about that most would be unaware of, is that if I want to have the article removed, edited, mediated or defend myself in any way, they charge $2,000 to do so. Nice ethical business model, preying on those who want to keep their name in good standing. Instead of blindly believing sites and people who post on these sites, think twice about their motivation for doing so.

Like I said it disgusts me that I should have to discuss any of this, when in reality I have done nothing but connect with my subscribers and provide content, motivation and services for them. Hearing all the positive reviews come in on our book and connecting with people on our forum make it all worthwhile, so don’t think that any of this would ever stop me from doing that. I am blessed to live the life I do, and appreciate everything that comes with it (hate included as it lets me know I’m doing something right). Nothing makes me happier than being in the position to help others change the course of their own lives. So I’ll end this with a massive thank you to all the amazing supportive people I have the privilege of connecting with. I love you guys! :)

So now the facts are here in black and white meaning that there’s no reason people have to look to anonymous blogs posted by “private investigators” and the like for information. If you come across anyone in need of the facts please pass this article along.

If you’re still on the fence about my book, Far From It, then please download the free 20 page sample, read some reviews from real readers, or even see what people are saying on twitter. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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