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Our New Pad

Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 | 54 Comments

In the first week of July Amy and I finally locked down our very own place here in Florida! We were on the hunt for something modern, which we later realized is near impossible here. Everything is a tuscan / older style that’s not really us. We wanted something that would be low maintenance, high-tech, modern, highly secure, and different! I’ve always wanted to experience high-rise living and there’s no better time to do it then when you’re young. After months of searching and a crazy path leading to it, we’re very thankful to say we have moved to a penthouse downtown!


View from one of our balconies at night. Super cool as you can see the Disney fireworks in the distance every night!


Another night view.


Living room.


One of my office setups. Super inspiring working from up here. - Related Post


Another view from behind desk looking into dining area.


Behind the dining table we combined 4 designer mirrors and backlit them with super bright white LED.


Dining setup along with bar and wine fridge.




Another view!


One of our guest rooms.


Guest room bathroom was fully custom painted and tiled. Lots of character!


Our “thinking room” as we like to call it…fun little room to chill out in and brainstorm with a bunch of natural plants.


The whole house is powered by a Crestron system. There’s 4 of these screens throughout to control the lighting, music, blinds, etc. Can also be done from any device with an internet connection.


Hallway leading into master.


Our master room entryway.


Our master room is the last room that’s still pretty bare. Amy has some sick plans that’ll be arriving soon ;)


Then you walk into our closet (probably my favorite room in the house)! All marble island tops that are backlit and illuminate.


Her side!


My side 1. A lot of people ask…that gramophone is from Restoration Hardware. It’s super cool. Has a very “vintage” sound to the music…we like to leave something acoustic always on a low-volume loop such as John Mayer.


My side 2.


Perhaps we should have dusted a bit more before I took pics lol ;)


I’ve got a shoe problem.


Haha our horse!


We kept the bottles from our first night out meeting each other! They sit in the corner. Fun little keepsake :)


Master bathroom.


Another view. Infinity tub is pretty badass…just like an infinity pool water flows over the edges to activate the jets. Has full color spectrum changing LED lights and the water faucet falls from the ceiling :P


Then you head upstairs to the…!


Rooftop terrace!


Another view. So nice to work up here at night.


Then when you come in from the terrace there’s another wet bar.


Rooftop bathroom with LED lit glass.


aaaaaaand back downstairs you go!

As you can see the place is SUPER unique and everything we were wishing for and some! Very blessed and thankful to call this place home. I’m going to share a story soon about the Law of Attraction and how this place came to be that’s really going to blow your mind. Let’s just say…be careful what you wish for!


Crazy Number!

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Since September 1, 2012 people have spent 48,000,000+ minutes (92 years and 28 days of time) watching my videos on YouTube! Wish they would have been collecting this data since I started my channel in 2006. Regardless, that’s hard to comprehend! In other numbers I just hit 100k likes on Robert’s Car Channel over the weekend (it’s now at 118k)! None of this would be possible without you guys, and I can’t begin to thank all of you enough for your support over the years. Here’s to way more exciting things ahead (and hopefully some new videos)!

- Robert
YT: http://youtube.com/roberthimler



My Future Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

Posted by on Sep 7, 2013 | 11 Comments

What do you guys think? Configure yours here. Feel free to drop some image links in the comments :)







New Ideas Shipping Soon

Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 | 15 Comments

Lots has been going on in my development environment lately and I’m very excited to share these new ideas with you. This probably goes for the lack of new car video content lately, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do! If you click the link below you can enter your email and I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date. I may even send them out to you first and gather your thoughts before launch. Thanks!

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Nothing beats a clean workspace :) Be sure to check back for a post tomorrow to see our new pad!



Obsessed: Drones, Quadcopters, Octocopters!

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 | 9 Comments

So after being passed this video on YouTube I’ve been obsessed with the idea of aerial video! Especially for our car videos…how cool is this going to be?! Instead of jumping directly into say a 6 channel octocopter (which is pretty serious to fly), I picked up a consumer drone- The AR Drone 2.0. It can be bought on Amazon for a cool $295…worth it all day long! The drone emits a wifi signal and is controlled from a very cool UI on your iPhone or iPad.

I’m going to master flying this thing to get the hang of it and then move on to a more serious setup! Here’s a video clip of it taking off for the first time.